Vegan Arugula Soup With Chia Seed


On my style of cooking i focus on greens and also from raw salad i like also making  green soups and one of the green i use all time is called “Arugula” is called also rocket in Britain, roquette (France), rucola or rugola(Italy)
Native to the Mediterranean region, arugula grows wild throughout southern Europe . A close relative of the radish, arugula has slender, multilobed leaves that resemble elongated oak leaves and have a mild bite with a mustard rang. The young, more mild leaves can be eaten raw, while older, more spicy leaves are cooked and added to soups, sauces, tarts, omelettes, etc…
I discovered more about the health benefit of Arugula in 1998 when i red a book by a Dr Charles R. Attwood, MD., F.A.A.P.
The subject was about calcium and Dr Charles R. Attwood became a vegetarian for 15 years and did the whole study about : calcium without the cow.He came out with a final comparison with dairy and greens.
Calcium in Milligrams per 100 Calories:
Arugula 1,300
Watercress 800
Turnip greens 650
Collard greens 548
Mustard greens 490
Spinach 450
Broccoli 387
Swiss cheese 250
Milk(2-percent) 245
Green onions 240
Okra 213
Cabbage 196
Whole milk 190
Cheddar cheese 179
american cheese 160.
I made a recipe with organic baby arugula.
Organic Vegan Arugula Soup With Chia seed
Ingredients: organic baby arugula, onions, garlic, carrot, celery, salt, white pepper, olive oil, garlic, water, chia seed.
You can serve this soup hot or cold.It’s nice with goat cheese and blueberry balsamic vinegar reduction.Also you can serve it with seven grain bread and organic olive oil.
If you are inviting somebody you can serve this soup with flax seed crackers An entree as roasted vegetables with white beans, freekeh( it’s grain : to cook 1 part of freekeh, 3 parts of water .Bring to a boil and let is simmer for 25 to 30 minutes), and oven roasted tomato sauce.For the dessert baked pear with raspberry sauce , shaved organic dark chocolate and pistachio.
Food Photography, Food Styling and recipe By Chef Momo
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