Organic Gluten Free Rice Vegetable Twist Pasta With Roasted Yellow Grape Tomato, Tuna and Fresh Italian Parsley

Tonight after the gym i made a gluten free pasta with tomatoes, tuna, vegetable and fresh parsley.What i like about this dish, mixing raw and cooked food at the same recipe.i like the chopped raw cauliflower of the texture and has a kind of cheesy taste. You can make an extra for the next day to eat as lunch in room temperature.
This is very easy to make :
Organic Gluten Free Rice Vegetable Twist Pasta with Roasted Yellow Grape Tomato, Tuna And Fresh parsley:
Ingredients: serve 1
1 cup cooked rice vegetable twist pasta
1 tbs raw pine nut
1/2 cup raw chopped cauliflower
1 can solid white tuna in water, open and strain it from water
1/2 cup yellow grape tomato
1/2 cup of parsley, cleaned and use just the leaves
Salt, pepper
3 tbs olive oil
2 cloves of garlic, pealed and crushed
In a hot 400 F oven, and in a baking dish, add the tomatoes, crushed garlic, 1.1/2 tbs olive oil, salt, pepper, bake for 12 minutes, set aside.
In a mixing bowl, add pasta, cauliflower, pine nuts, parsley , salt, pepper, tuna and the rest of the olive oil.
In a dinner plate, arrange the pasta mixture, add the roasted tomatoes and garnish with a cauliflower fleurette, one leaf of fresh parsley.
Food Photography, Food Styling And Recipe by Chef Momo


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