Spaguetti Style Pasta With Jerusalem Artichoke Flour, Enoki Mushroom and Beet-Watercress Pesto


 The “Nutritarian Boot Camp”, from Dr Joel Fuhrman :
the Nutritarian diet style is more than just a way to eat-it’s an attitude, a mind-set, a method that you can follow for a lifetime. As you begin your journey as a nutritarian you’ll start to take control of your own health and life. When you focus on eating the healthiest foods possible, you eat to live better, without the fear of disease and death. Which makes for a more peaceful and pleasurable life.
Getting generous amounts of micronutrients per calorie with unprocessed, natural food is the goal of the nutritarian diet style. This way, your body is nourished with a comprehensive array of both discovered and undiscovered nutrients in their natural states-just as nature intended. The ANDI is a tool to help you visualize the value of eating more greens and other colorful plant foods and less processed foods and animal products. It’s not the only thing to consider for superior health, however. Remember that weight loss and longevity are both the products of wide array of nutrients, not just a select few healthful foods. You have to eat a broad variety of nutrient-rich, natural foods: green vegetables, various fruits, beans, seeds, and nuts, for instance, as well as cooked mushrooms and raw onions.
We can find products even on pasta made with Jerusalem artichoke flour as i used in this recipe i created.
Spaghetti Style Pasta With Jerusalem Artichoke Flour,Broccoli,Enoki Mushroom, Red Bean with beets and Watercress Pesto
Ingredients: Enoki mushrooms, watercress , micro green beets, onions, olive oil, garlic, pine nuts, spaguetti style pasta made with Jerusalem artichoke flour, black pepper, Himalayan pink salt
You can make this dish vegan or for a vegetarian you can add fresh ricotta cheese.You can also add shrimps or organic roasted breast of chicken( marinated with fresh lemon, salt, black pepper, olive oil, fresh thyme).
Food Styling, Food Photography and Recipe by Chef Momo who is specialized on healthy gourmet cooking more than 15 years.
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