Roasted Beet and Carrot, Avocado , Brazilian Nut and Lemon Vinaigrette


January 04, 2015 this subject is about a very unique and useful vegetable used in a lot of countries is called “Beet:
John Heinerman is a medical anthropologist whose research has taken him to 33 countries, where he has worked with folk healers as well as top doctors and scientists from many different cultures.
This is what he said about beet therapy for cancer when he was traveling in Europe: one of the most remarkable and tremendously successful programs for treating many different kinds of cancer tumors was commenced in the late 1950s by Alexander Ferenczi, M.D., at the Department for internal Diseases at the district hospital at Csoma, Hungary, using nothing but raw, red beets. portions of his intriguing medical success were recently translated from Hungarian and reprinted in the Australian International Clinical Nutrition Review for July 1986.
Dr. Ferenczi’s clinical report included methods of administering the beets and several very important case studies:
He treated one of his patient who has lung cancer in a Budapest hospital and also in a country hospital , which corresponded clnically to lung cancer . he started the treatment with beetroot in the described manner. After 6 weeks of treatment the tumor had disappeared. After 4 months of treatment he gained 22 lbs in weight, the erythrocyte (mature red blood cell) sediment rate (e.s.r) was reduced from 87 mlllimeters/h to 77mm/h. thus he represented the symptoms of a clinical recovery.
So, enjoy the beets and you can use them on soup, salad, tart, juice, roasting them with root vegetables etc..
I made a salad with few ingredients: roasted beets, roasted carrots, avocado, salt, black pepper, avocado oil or olive oil, fresh lemon juice, red apple, shaved Brazilian nuts.
Food Photography, Food Styling and recipe by Chef Momo
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