Pumpkin And sweet Potato Soup With Roasted Onion and Chia Seed

What i like about this period of the year is to make vegetable soups, roasted vegetables etc..Also it’s the season for Pumpkin and Squash. From the The Random House Book Of Vegetables by Roger Phillips & Martyn Rix:
Marrow, Pumpkin and squash, these three groups of vegetables, and several others belong to the genus Cucurbita which contains twenty-seven species of vigorous trailing and climbing annuals and perennials , originating in North and South America . Six species were originally important food plants in the pre-Columbian culture of the Americas, which was based on maize, beans and the cucurbits.
The genius is renowned for the large and often curious fruits which are commonly known as gourds, squash, pumpkins, vegetable marrow and courgettes. Although all these names refer to plants in other families. To add to the confusion many squashes and pumpkins are plants belonging to any of the four species: C, pepo L., maxima Duch. ex. Lam., C. moschata (Duch. ex Lam.) Duch, ex Poir, and C. mixta Pangalo.
In cultivation these fruit are further classified to some extent according to their season of maturity e.g. summer and winter squash, or their shape e.g. turban gourds, cookneck squash, banana squash, or by other names- hubbards, scallops and acorns. Zucchini (Italian) and (French) are the immature fruits of the vegetable marrow.
Pumpkins can be eaten as a vegetable, soup , stew, roasted and added to egg omelette with onion and mushroom, on baking for tart and pie, raw cut very thin adding it to beet-black currant-apple- fresh mint -pecan-goat cheese ( you can make a vinaigrette with walnut oil, salt, black pepper, fig balsamic vinegar, fresh lemon juice )
As John Heinerman medical anthropologist whose research has taken him to 33 countries mentioned the Zuni Indians of Arizona have long relied upon the seeds and flowers of pumpkin and squashes for healing cactus scratches and minor wounds. the dried seeds are first ground into fine powder, after which freshly picked blossoms are gently crushed and added. just enough water is then mixed in with them to make smooth, even paste, which is then applied directly on any kind of skin injuries with good results.
I made a soup with pumpkin and sweet potato.First i made a vegetable stock ( water, onion, leeks, garlic, carrot, celery, bay leaf) then roasted the pumpkin with sweet potato.You add the vegetable stock, roasted pumpkin,sweet potato, fresh nutmeg , puree and season with salt pepper.For the presentation , roast some onions, raw Gala apple and Chia seed. Most of the time soup is served in a bowl, i was thinking how to come out with an original idea to serve it I went to the farmers market and was looking for different kind of squash with color contrast. i love the dark green and orange together so i picked the acorn squash.In a hot 400 F oven roasted the halved acorn squash, when is cooked set aside.In a dinner plate place half of the roasted acorn squash, fill it out with pumpkin-sweet potato soup and garnish with roasted onion, raw Gala apple and some chia seed.
Food photography, Food Styling and Recipe by Chef Momo

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