Organic Wheat Pasta With Sardines, Roasted Cherry Tomatoes And Fresh Basil


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I remember back home in Oran the second biggest city in Algeria, we used to have fisher man comes to our homes and sells different kind of fish and during that time Sardines were very cheap.I remember it was a fish for poor people as we know now is one of the best fish who has a great benefit in our health full of omega 3 fatty acids.
Fresh sardines are seasonal, usually local, and most common in summer. True sardines come from Europe, Portugal, Spain, France, North Africa as Algeria etc..
In general sardines are grilled, baked, smoked, broiled, and also you can find them in cans .
This is what i made : in this recipe is very easy to make what you need wheat pasta, tomatoes, fresh sage, olive oil, salt, pepper, cans of sardines, crushed garlic.
Sardine With Organic Wheat pasta, Organic Flax seed, Cherry Tomato And Fresh Sage:
Ingredients: serves 2
2 cups organic wheat pasta ( cooked)
2 cans of sardine
2 tbs flax seed
4 cloves of garlic, pealed and crushed
few leaves fresh sage
24 pieces of cherry tomatoes
Salt, pepper
4 tbs olive oil
2 cups chopped broccoli

In a hot boiling water, add 2 servings of wheat pasta , cook recording : instruction from the package. When is cooked, add 2 tbs of olive oil, salt, pepper,raw broccoli, set aside.
In a 400 F hot oven, and in a baking dish roast the tomatoes with crushed garlic, fresh sage drizzled with olive oil, and seasoned with salt, pepper.the broccoli in this recipe i used is raw.
In a dinner plate , arrange some mixed pasta, add roasted tomatoes with sage , flax seed and drizzle with some fresh olive oil.

1-Organic zucchini soup
2-Couscous with vegetables
3-Baked Pear With Chocolate Sauce
3-Dessert : baked pear with grapes, raw walnut and chocolate banana sauce
Before you start making the dinner is better to start with the dessert , than the soup, vegetables with couscous and the fish should
Be the last to cook .

Organic Zucchini Soup
Ingredients: serves 4
1.1/2 onion, pealed and cut into chunks
5 big zucchini
4 garlic cloves , pealed
2 celery stalks, cleaned and cut into chunks
Celtic sea salt, black pepper
5 cups of water
2 tbs olive oil
In a soup pot add , onion, garlic, olive oil cook for few minutes than add water zucchini bring to a boil and simmer for 35 minutes. In a blender purée the cooked zucchini , some soup liquids . Put it back on the stove mix it with the rest of strained vegetable liquid , season and set aside .
I like to serve this soup with baked seven grain bread or gluten free crackers with made from flax seeds .


Couscous With Roasted Vegetables
In a 400 F hot oven and in a baking dish brush the 4 red snappers filers with olive oil. , salt, black pepper and bake for 15minutes, set aside .
Make the the vinaigrette: 4 tbs fresh lemon juice , 6 tbs
Olive oil, 2 tbs fresh parsley , salt black pepper.In a mixing bowl , add all the ingredients , mix and set aside.You have to leave the vinaigrette out to stay room T or put it on the top of a hot oven to have it warmer.
In a clean baking dish arrange , 3 pealed and cut into any shape you desire , carrots, 1 big onion, 3 parsnips, 1.1/2 cup of Brussels sprouts cut into 1/4 , olive oil, salt, black pepper and roast in a 400 F hot oven until they turn brownish , set aside .
1.1/2 cup cooked chickpea
Bring hot water to boil, take 2 cups of couscous out in in bowl, add salt, 3 tbs olive oil, mix than cover it with hot water. Let it sit for 10 to 15 minutes. Take a spoon and try to mix it to separate the couscous grain, set a mixing bowl, add roasted vegetables , couscous , , chickpea , mix and set aside .

Baked Pear With Chocolate Sauce
Dessert: 4 pears, pealed and cut into halves
In a different shaving dish arrange the halved pears, brushes with olive oil, cinnamon powder, 1.1/2 cup fresh white grapes , cover with a foil and roast for 40 or more minutes , until the pear are done . One of the trick knowing the pears are done is to stick a small knife to feel the softness of the fruit . Also , when you will have more experience cooking the pears, they will
Look a kind of pale color , you will
Know take them out from the oven , still covered to absorb more of the cooking fruits you added to cook them .
Sauce: 1 fresh banana, half cup
Silken soy milk or any milk you choose, 2 tbs cocoa powder, 2 tbs raw honey . In a blender , purée and refrigerate .
For the plating take a dish where you can plate 4 portions as , one for couscous with chickpea and vegetables, one fir the fish and drizzle with the warm Parsley lemon vinaigrette, One big soup bowl for the soup and the last one tray is for the pears , raw walnuts and drizzle with the chocolate sauce .

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