Organic Quinoa Pancake With Fruits, Raw Honey , Chia Seed And Cantaloupe Vanilla Syrup


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Samanda,is a friend of mine we met in Miami when i used to work for a client as a private chef. she used to work in a famous Spa in South Beach . One day, she was telling me ,when she used to go for a visit to Paris, always she used to pass by a crepe place in : le quartier de Montparnasse to eat a crepe with blueberry, banana and some fruity sauce because she didn’t like the chocolate sauce they used.This week end, i worked on few recipes for breakfast and one of them for savory i will share it during the week.
First i started to use grainy flour to replace the oat consumed in general during breakfast in the morning. It’s something to get out from the routine.Also strawberry, banana, nuts or seeds, jam with no sugar added , honey etc..I decided if i can make my own syrup and was thinking about a fruit who has a lot of water and when i reduce it, will have the consistency of a syrup.So, i found the cantaloupe is sweet and could be very nice if i add vanilla bean .Quinoa Pancake With Fruits, Raw honey , Chia Seeds And Cantaloupe Vanilla SyrupIngredients: serves 3 to 4
2 bananas, pealed and sliced
6 pieces of strawberries, cleaned and sliced
1 organic small box of blueberry
2 tbs of chia seed
3 to 4 tbs of honey
1 cantaloupe, pealed, cut into chunks and puree in a blender
2 vanilla beans, cut into halvesQuinoa pancake: 1 organic egg, 175 goat milk, salt, 80 g of quinoa flour, 1 tbs of almond oil, extra almond oil to use for cooking.
Option: you can replace the milk with the one you like, also as oil you can use walnut oil, fruity olive oil, grape seed oil, coconut oil, avocado oil.In a mixing bowl, mix the egg, salt, goat milk, almond oil than add the quinoa flour, whisk very well , set aside.In a pot poor the cantaloupe juice with the vanilla bean, bring to a boil than reduce the flame and cook it to the syrup consistency . When it’s reduced take the vanilla bean and press them to remove the seeds and put it back to the cantaloupe syrup, set aside.In a non stick saute pan brush it with the almond oil, reduce the flame , poor 1/4 cup of the batter cook for few minutes both sides.
In a plate arrange the quinoa pancake, add fruits, honey, cantaloupe syrup and garnish with chia seed.
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