Organic Oat pancake And Berries With Raw Honey, Spinach salad, An egg Omelette , Idaho Potato And Red Bell Pepper Sauce


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One day i wake up in the morning and  was thinking to do something about oat. As we know oat is one of the most nutritious of the cereals grasses.What i like about oat using as flour has no gluten but baked goods that need to rise,must be combined with a flour that does. Oat is high in soluble fiber that helps fight against high cholesterol.Oat is high in vitamin B1 and Vitamins B2, E.
I decided to use it differently than cooking it with water adding, skim milk, fruits, flax seed, honey.I taught it will be nice to use it for a brunch and create a recipe with it.I came out with a pancake recipe where i included, eggs, fruits and some greens.Sunday brunch:
Oat Pancake With Berries and Raw Hone , Egg Omelette With Roasted Potato, spinach, Sweet Red Bell Pepper sauce
Ingredients:serves 3
9 eggs, use just 9 whites and 3 yellows ( 3 whites and 1 yellow for each )
Spinach, enough for 3 people
3 tbs of raw honey
3 OZ or 85 g of blackberries
3 OZ or 85 g of blueberries
55 g of raspberries
3 medium potatoes, pealed and cut into cubes
3 tbs of fresh lemon juice
3 small radishes, sliced
Olive oil , salt, pepper For the pancake:
1 egg, 200 ml of coconut water or coconut milk, 1 tbs of almond oil, 100g of oat flour.In a mixing bowl add the oat flour than i egg start mixing , try to incorporate the coconut water or milk and finish of mixing until you see a smooth batter, set aside.You should get 6 to 8 pancakes.
Extra almond oil to cook the pancake For the sauce: 2 tbs of olive oil, salt, pepper, i medium red bell pepper, 2 cloves of garlic, 6 tbs of water.

In a 4oo oven roast the potatoes until they turn brown, set aside.In a hot pot add olive 2 tbs of olive oil, chopped onions,2 cloves of garlic cook for few minutes than add i medium red bell pepper,6 tbs of water and cook until the mixture is cooked.In a blender puree the sauce and season with salt, pepper, set aside.
I a non stick pan brush it with some almond oil ,and when the pan is heated make sure to reduce the flame .Use 1/4 of cup of the batter to make the shape of the pancake ,cook for few minutes on both sides. This recipe should make 6 to 8 pieces of pancakes.
In a non stick pan coat it with little bit of almond oil than poor the eggs mixture , cook for few minutes under low heat.
In a dinner plate arrange roasted potatoes, red bell pepper sauce, egg omelette , spinach salad( drizzle with lemon and olive oil ), oat pancake with berries and raw honey.Garnish with as an option edible flower and sliced radish.



Raw Couscous Salad With Red Grapes and Mint Vinaigrette:
This salad i created at home the time i did a training on raw food at pure food and wine.
Half cauliflower, cleaned and use the robot cup to chopped to the consistency of the couscous shape, set aside
You need 1 cup and half of the chopped cauliflower
salt, pepper
3 tbs of raw apple cider vinegar
1 tbs of fresh lime
4 tbs walnut oil
3 tbs of filtered water
1/2 cucumber, pealed and cut into small cubes
I medium size beet, pealed and cut into julienne
1/2 cup red seedless grapes, cut into halves
2 tbs chopped Brazilian nuts
4 tbs of fresh mint just leaves
1 small black radish , cleaned and sliced very thin. You can use a Mandoliin to have a beautiful design
1/2 cup Jicama, pealed and cut into small cubes

In a blender,add the apple cider vinegar, lime, walnut oil, fresh mint ,salt, pepper, puree and set aside In a big mixing bowl, add Brazilian nuts, chopped cauliflower, cucumber, salt, pepper, black radish, jicama, grapes and mix well.
In a Dinner plate arrange the salad, add Julienne beets, garnish with micro greens or amaranth ( red micro ) and drizzle with the mint vinaigrette.
What i like about this salad is very refreshing, filling and will part of your detox day during the . Take a dandelion tea after :))



Spinach salad With Pistachio, Gouda Goat Cheese and flax seed Vinaigrette

Ingredients: serves 2
2 cups organic cleaned spinach
2 tbs copped pistachio
6 pieces of dried apricots, chopped
3 tbs flax seed oil
2 tbs fresh lemon juice
1/2 cup organic blackberry
Salt, black pepper
2 tbs dried aged Gouda goat cheese ( this is another kind of cheese you can use )
1 tbs ground flax seed
This is very easy salad to do. In a mixing bowl make the flax seed vinaigrette: add lemon juice, flax seed oil, salt, black pepper and mix.In another bowl , add all the ingredients , some of the flax seed vinaigrette, set aside.
In a dinner plate , arrange one portion of the spinach salad and drizzle with the rest of the vinaigrette.

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