Organic Idaho Potato Fries With Balsamic-Tomato Sauce And Parsley Oil


Food Photography, Food Styling And Recipe By Chef Momo

Today a friend of mine called me and said to me i have a challenge for you , can you do something with potatoes because in this planet and at every culture , potatoes are used in so many dishes, as soup, side dish, main course, salad, and even dessert.So, i was thinking potato fries are very consumed and wanted to come out with a healthy version.
This is it:
Idaho Potato Oven fries With Tomato-Balsamic And parsley oil
Ingredients: Idaho potatoes, salt, pepper, olive oil, tomatoes, balsamic vinegar, parsley.
Peal the potatoes ( 1 potato per person ) and sliced them, shaped as big french fries.In a 400 f oven roast them with salt and drizzled with olive oil until they turn brown and crispy.At the same time Roast half of a big tomato ( salt, pepper, olive oil ) for 25 to 30 minutes.In a blender puree the tomato with 2 tbs of balsamic vinegar, set aside. In a clean blender puree 1/4 of clean Italian parsley with olive oil and season with salt, pepper.
The design i did as an extra julienne potatoes , it’s an option
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