Organic dark Chocolate with berries, Fresh Mixed Currants And Strawberry Sauce


Food Photography, Food Styling  And Recipe by Chef Momo

There is another recipe of Vegan Chocolate Mousse under this dish

On Valentine day , the February 14-2013,  i  wanted to create something special  when i look at it , i will remember the  chocolate day. I looked in  my fridge and  found  some organic dark chocolate, strawberries, also had some frozen mixed fresh currants, bought them from the farmers market during the summer.

Ingredients: organic dark chocolate, fresh strawberry, fresh mixed currants, fresh raspberry, dry apricot, some edible flowers
This is the creation:
Happy Chocolate day for everybody in the world, just a piece of chocolate can bring a big smile :))

3-This is a  dessert for my daughter  Rima and everybody who is born on the 4 th of June. We were talking one day if it is possible to make a chocolate mousse without dairy and any eggs. I said to her i think so, we just have to find ingredients who have almost the same consistency as a rich mousse. After few tests we came out with this vegan chocolate mousse recipe and when you taste it you will not see the difference if you don’t mention it as a vegan chocolate mousse version.
I call it the MO Vegan Chocolate Mousse:
Ingredients: serves 8
400g organic dark chocolate ( 70 % of coco ), chopped
6 tbs organic chocolate chips
1 cup fresh seedless grapes
20g raw honey
100g coconut milk
1 tbs vanilla extract
1 block organic silken tofu, drained from the water
80g organic almond butter
15g organic cocoa powder
20g walnut or hazelnut oil
1/2 cup roasted or raw hazel nuts
1/2 cup of each berries as strawberry, blueberry, raspberry and extra for garnish
In a pot add water, bring it to a boil than reduce the flame, Place a shallow bowl on top and add the chopped chocolate, let it melt , than add the walnut oil or the hazel nut mix, set aside
At the mean time heat the coconut milk , vanilla extract, cocoa powder, in a separate pot, set aside.In a blender, add the silken tofu , raw honey,. almond butter, puree, set aside.In a mixing bowl add the hot chocolate, coconut milk mixture, fold on the silken tofu puree, add the chopped hazelnut, chopped dark chocolate ships .In a separate small dessert bowl fit it up with the mousse and refrigerate for more than 2 hrs.
I a blender puree each berry with 1/4 cup of black seedless grapes, stain and set a side.
You can use a pastry bag add the chocolate mousse and refrigerate, Make sure the bag has enough space when you decorate in a plate will come out very easy.This is an option if you want to explore another domain for food styling.
In a dinner plate add one mousse chocolate bowl drizzle with berry sauces, arrange some fresh berries and sprinkle with some cocoa powder.

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