Organic Chocolate With Berries and Edible Flower


November 17, 2013 This is an article in the clean nutrition issue magazine November 2013, about a spice called “Cinnamon”
Sensational Cinnamon:
Cinnamon provides amazing benefits to the body, making it a little-known but powerful superfood . This spice not only tastes great, but also helps regulate blood sugar, making it a superb choice for anyone who may have difficulty regulating their blood sugar.
Cinnamon also helps reduce the levels of LDL cholesterol in the body. This reduces your risk of cardiovascular disease . Cinnamon also acts as a natural anti-infectant, helping remove ulcer inducing H.Pylori causing bacteria in the body.
Cinnamon also helps reduce inflammation and pain associated with arthritis , and provides the body with fiber, calcium, iron and manganese. Few other spices and herbs provide as many benefits as cinnamon
I use cinnamon spice in different dishes as, breakfast with fruits , almond milk, flax seeds, quinoa or steel cut Irish oat meal.Also, soups, entrees, desserts etc..
This is just a dessert dish i was working on for the cook book of MomoFood+Design : i used cinnamon stick to poach the pears to serve it with fruit coulis, frozen fruits and organic dark chocolate.
Food Photography, Food Styling by Chef Momo

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