Fish With Mixed Olives, Baby Brussels Sprout and Yellow Bell Pepper Sauce

Health effects of olive oil from Udo Eramus is an internationally recognized authority on the subject. He has a PhD on nutrition and pioneered technology for pressing and packaging healthful oils.
Membrane health its critical to cell, tissue, and organ health. It affects every cell in our body, because all cells have membranes surrounding them. Studies carried out with virgin olive oil show that it helps membrane development, cell formation, and cell differentiation.
Virgin olive oil improves brain maturation and function in animals deficient in EFAs. These results can probably be generalized to humans, because brain development and function are generally similar in animals and man.
In patients with peripheral artery disease on fat-lowering diets, a switch from corn oil (refined) to virgin olive oil (unrefined) for six months resulted in significantly decreased ‘bad’ LDL. cholesterol, and significantly increased ‘goog’ HDL. cholesterol. In other words, virgin olive oil performed better than corn oil for these patients.
Monounsaturated fatty acid-rich virgin olive oil has also been shown to reduce the production of cholesterol gallstones (compared to high-polyunsaturated, refined corn oil) and to favor bile secretion, which improves elimination of the toxic end products of liver detoxification and improves digestion of fats.
The good thing about olive oil,you can use it in dessert.Olive oil is used largely on cooking to make salad, entree, dessert, vinaigrette, topping, bread, fruits etcc
What i used in this this recipe few ingredient making this dish easy to make, appealing, and tasty.
Fish With Mixed Olives, Brussels Sprouts and Yellow Bell Pepper Sauce
Food Photography, Food Styling and Recipe by Chef Momo

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