Chick-Pea Crepe With Black Bean, Raw Sunflower Seeds, Roasted vegetables And Purple Cabbage sauce


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Spring, so nice and also it’s time to start cooking because of the choices of vegetables, fresh herbs , edible flowers, farmers market, and also the best of it having time to gather with friends and family for a nice dinners party.
I decided to find something with colors, a dish for vegan and adding options for vegetarians and also fish and meat eaters.

This is the dish i created for the first day of Spring 20-2013:
Chickpea Crepe With Roasted Vegetables, Black Bean And Purple Cabbage Sauce:

Ingredients:serves 2
1 cup of cooked black bean
1 cup of brussels sprouts , cleaned and cut into halves
12 pieces of cherry tomatoes, cut into halves
4 scallions, cleaned and chopped and 2 for garnish ( roasted in a 400 f hot oven for 10 minutes )
Salt, pepper, olive oil
Half of onion, sliced
2 tbs of raw sunflower seeds

Chick pea batter:
150 ml of goat milk or , 1% organic milk_ soy milk, rice milk
Salt, Choices of 1 tbs of coconut oil or almond oil, olive oil
1 whole egg
80 g chickpea flour
In a mixing bowl, add all the ingredients and mix the batter until you see the formation of a batter, set aside

In a 400 f hot oven, and in a baking dish add tomatoes, brussels sprouts, onion, season with salt-pepper and drizzle with some olive oil , bake for 15 minutes, set aside.

In a non stick pan brush it with some oil, poor 1/4 cup of the chickpea batter, cook for few minutes under very low flame on both sides ,this recipe could make enough crepe for 3 to 4, set aside.
You can use the rest of the crepes the next day as breakfast with some berries mixed with warm honey and nuts.

Cabbage sauce:
Half onion, chopped
2 cloves of garlic, pealed
1 celery stalk, chopped
2 cups of water
Salt, pepper
2 tbs of olive oil
1 lb of purple cabbage, cut into chunks
In a sauce pan, add olive oil, onion, garlic saute, for few minutes than add the water, celery, cabbage, bring to a boil and let it simmer for 30 minutes. in a blender , puree the purple cabbage sauce, season with salt-pepper, set aside.
What i like about this sauce is to make enough to use it the next day with rice noodles, pine nuts, shrimp, mushroom, scallions, and raw watercress .
Before the final touch mix the roasted vegetables with black bean,set aside.
You can serve this dish warm temperature or hot: also for vegetarian i like to use crumble feta goat cheese.
You can also add cooked shrimp ( olive oil, salt, pepper, crushed garlic, roasted on a 400 f hot oven for 12 to 15 minutes). You can use also organic chicken breast ( slices and mixed with crushed garlic, salt, pepper, fresh chives and bake for 15 minutes). For the vegan person you just have to take out the egg from the chickpea crepe batter and replace the 150 ml goat milk by 165 ml.

In a dinner plate, arrange one crepe, scoop black bean vegetable mixture, some raw sunflower seeds, another crepe with some roasted scallions and tomatoes and drizzle with purple cabbage sauce.


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