Avocado salad With Enoki Mushroom, Cucumber and Citrus Vinagrette

According to French tradition, goat’s cheese should be on the table from Easter to All Saints’ Day in November. Coagulation of goat’s milk is usually caused by lactic fermentation . The ferment (also called starter) is mixed into the milk. The milk rests for a night and turns sour. It is then heated to 64-68 degree F. A very small amount of rennet is introduced and milk rests for another 24 hours. The curd is neither cut nor heated, mixed nor pressed: drainage is instant as the curd is ladled into the molds, and the whey runs off through the fine holes in the side sand base. The cheese is cured dry-affine a sec- in a cool and well ventilated room at 52 degree F and 80% humidity, which is relatively dry compared with cellars at 90 to 100%. The drying process of both rind and pate must be balanced, otherwise the rind will wrinkle and the whey left in the pate will stick to it from the inside. Although blue mold will appear naturally on the rind, covering of oak ash and charcoal powder helps to create an environment that encourages its development. ( from the book called French Cheeses by Kazuko Masui and Tomoko Yamada)
We can goat cheese on salad, soup, entree, tart, dessert etc
We can incorporate with healthy choices as i did in this salad i made .
Let’s talk about Avocado from John Heinerman a medivcal anthropologist whose research has taken him to 33 countries, where he has worked with healers, top doctors, scientists from many different cultures. On his book Fruits&Vegetables , he said avocado lowers blood cholesterol : patients at the V.A Hospital in Coral Gables, Florida ranging in age from 27 to 72 were given 1/2 to 1 1/4 avocados per day. Twice a week blood samples were taken. Fifty percent of them showed a definite decrease in serum cholesterol from 8.7-42.8%. Eating half an avocado every other day would probably help your own cholesterol drop some.
This the recipe i made with an avocado.
Avocado Salad With Goat Cheese, Enoki Mushroom, Cucumber and Lemon Vinaigrette
Food Photography, Food Styling and Recipe by Chef Momo

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